After years of exploring and experimenting with butterflies and bullets, Robierb takes the next step and dismembers the powerful metaphoric figure to create his large-scale diptych paintings. Furthermore, this also marks the artist’s exploration of sculpture as an art form.

The DIPTYCHS installation pieces split the butterfly wings into two mirrored life-size paintings that have been applied with relief drawing and diamond dust technique. The bullet has been materialized into a 37-inch tall aluminum sculpture that has been applied with Swarovski crystals, gold leaf, and chrome to underline the glamorization of the bullet.

The human-scale wings and the over-sized bullet in the middle conveys a potent symbol of human-made power. The viewer can easily position himself – both mentally and physically – between the two wings and feel the fragility of life through his interaction with the artwork as they become both the butterfly and the bullet.